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DWI Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Services

Atlantic Coastal Counseling offers a variety of alcohol and drug counseling services to include DWI assessment, aftercare, relapse prevention, education and treatment. Individual sessions and assessments are typically scheduled during business hours Monday - Friday, Please contact the office to discuss your specific case or circumstances.

Assessments/Indvidual Sessions
DWI Assessments

By Appointment
Call for more information

ADETS (16 hrs)

Offered once every 4-6 weeks.
Usually over 5 days or over 1 week
Must attend all sessions
Call for more information 

DWI Treatment Groups 20-40 hrs +

Usually offered every Tuesday 5:00 - 800 pm
See FAQ for more information
Call to enroll

Opiate Specific Relapse Prevention 

Every other Thursday 5:30-7:00 pm
Must complete intake before enrollment
Expected to attend sessions regulary


Please select from the approrpriate selections below.  

Intake Forms

Use This packet for Individual Counseling 

Face Page
Professional Disclosure Statement/
Consent to Treatment 

DWI Packet

Use this Packet for DWI Services 

DWI - Face Sheet 
Professional Disclosure/Consent
DWI Release of Information

Notice Of Privacy Practices 

Notice of Privacy Practices for Services

Notice of Privacy Practices as related to all services 

Release of Information 

General Release of Information 

Can use this for any service.  One release must be compelted for each agency.  


Leave a message and someone will follow up with you as soon as possible.  Please be sure to include a phone number.